Woody Weed Control Guide

8 WHICH METHOD OF TREATMENT SHOULD I USE? CONTINUED 9. HAND APPLICATION Apply granules to the soil prior to spring or summer rains. It is essential that the root area of the woody weed is evenly treated with the granules. Estimate the surface area (m 2 ) covered by the bush to a distance of 30 cm out from the drip line then apply granules evenly over the whole area. With Tordon Granules Herbicide for example, if the bush covers 5 m 2 of the product over the area. (N.B. One heaped metric tablespoon weighs 45 g.) 10. STEM INJECTION APPLICATION Make horizontal cuts with a narrow-bladed axe (5–7 cmwide) through the bark of the woody weed into the sapstream at waist height. Space these at 10–13 cm centres. Leave the axe in the cut and immediately (within three seconds) apply the herbicide down the axe blade, to ensure the full dose enters the sapstream. This is necessary because the plant can seal the cut quickly, thus barring the chemical penetrating into the sapstream. Do plants are stressed. Where low branches are encountered place a cut immediately below the branch. STEM INJECTION AT OR NEAR GROUND LEVEL IS RECOMMENDED 1. Where soil types and substrata structure prevent vigorous root growth e.g. ‘Traprock’ country in SE Queensland and Tablelands of New England, NSW. 2. So called ‘hard country’ (general poor growing conditions). 3. Western poplar box areas. 4. Areas where rainfall is less than 500 mm per year. 5. bleeding types. NOTE: SPRAY DRIFT Spray only when there is no movement of air towards non- target, susceptible vegetation or waterways. Drift can be greatly reduced by using nozzles and spray pressures that produce a minimum proportion of small, drift-prone droplets – e.g. lower pressure, larger droplets and higher spray volume. Under ideal conditions, spraying can be carried out near susceptible non-target plants and waterways by separating themwith a suitable size buffer area. BASAL DIAMETER / CLOSE SPACE TREATMENT 10 cm 3 cuts 40 cm 10 cuts 20 cm 5 cuts 50 cm 12 cuts 30 cm 7 cuts 60 cm 14 cuts RATE: Mix one part Tordon RegrowthMasterwith four parts water Quick reference: Tordon RegrowthMaster – how many cuts per stem? TREAT HERE TREAT HERE 30 cm 30 cm