Spray record application for Grazon Extra Guarantee

Fill in the form below or download PDF Version of the spray application form to register your spray jobs. When you apply for the Grazon Guarantee, a Dow AgroSciences technical specialist will check your job and finalise your application.

The information used on the form remains your property. It will be stored on the Woody Weed Specialists server as record of guarantee. Dow AgroSciences will only access this data if a guarantee claim is made.

For your convenience, you can use this section to register all your spray jobs, whether you are seeking a Grazon Extra Guarantee or not.

Location and date of application

Spray applicators name 
Property owner's name Property name


State Postcode Property owner's phone

Property owner's mobile Property owner email address Property owner's fax

Application data - Enter paddock names/numbers and climate data

Paddock name/number Time of day treated
(include am/pm)
Temperature ˚C

Weeds target - Select main weeds you have targeted with this application

Product data – Enter information about the product and equipment used


Batch Number

Please supply the batch number from each 5L or 20L Grazon™ Extra drum, as indicated below.

Batch number and DOM is here on the shoulder of the 20L jerrycan
Batch number and DOM is here on the shoulder of the 20L jerrycan
Product Rate/100L Water

Water rate L/ha Product number Product expiry date Additives/
Wetters used
Equipment type Nozzle type Pressure Date equipment last calibrated Water quality description

Woody Weed Specialist