African Boxthorn

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African Boxthorn control

Access all the information needed for control of this noxious weed, including weed identification, herbicide application and spray timings.

African Boxthorn Description

African Boxthorn Identification

African boxthorn is a woody shrub that can grow up to 6 m tall. Its rigid branches are leafy and end in a hard, sharp spine reaching up to 150 mm long. It has globe- to egg-shaped berries that are orange-red when ripe with up to 70 seeds. Flowers appear singly or in pairs at the leaf-stem junction. They are approximately 12 mm in diameter with five waxy white petals, each with a purplish base. The main flowering period is during summer but flowering and seed production may occur throughout the year.

African Boxthorn Control

Controlling African Boxthorn

African Boxthorn is a weed of national significance and is identified as being invasive, having the potential for widespread environmental, social and economical damage. Landowner’s and land managers at all levels are responsible for actively managing this weed.

In all situations, use Access™ Herbicide at 1 L/60 L of diesel as a basal bark application to obtain optimum results. Do not treat during periods of drought stress or when plants are not actively growing. In situations where foliar application is used, always treat actively growing plants. For best results, use Grazon™ Extra Herbicide at 500 mL/100 L of water. Do not treat when leaves drop from the plant when spraying.

Herbicides for control of African Boxthorn

Method of application Rate* State
Garlon™ 600 Herbicide
Basal bark and cut stump 1:30 with diesel distillate All
Access™ Herbicide Basal bark and cut stump
1:60 with diesel distillate
Statesman™ 720 Cut stump Apply undiluted Vic, SA
Garlon 600
Foliar spray 170mL/100 L of water Tas
Grazon™ Extra Herbicide
Foliar spray 500 mL/100 L of water All
Tordon™ 75-D Herbicide
Foliar spray 1.3L/100 L of water Qld, NSW Vic, WA
Tordon™ Granules
Granule application - Hand 35 to 45 g/m2 Vic, Qld, SA, WA
Vigilant™ II Herbicide Cut stump Apply neat: 3–5 mm layer All

# Note: Preferred product option in bold. * Consult label for details of growth stage and use, especially where range of rates is given.

Treatment Timing

Timing for African Boxthorn

African boxthorn can be controlled with foliar applied herbicides from Febuary to May. Treatment should only be carried out when plants are actively growing with no leaf fall. Do not treat during hot, dry summer periods.

PRODUCT Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Grazon Extra
Best time to spray/treat
Can spray/treat
if conditions are suitable
Do not spray/treat