Camphor Laurel

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How to kill Camphor Laurel

Access all the information needed for control of this noxious weed, including weed identification, herbicide application and spray timings.

Camphor Laurel Description

Camphor Laurel Identification

Camphor laurel is a large evergreen tree, growing up to 20 m tall. The leaves have a glossy, waxy appearance and smell of camphor when crushed.

In spring, it produces lush, bright green foliage and masses of small white flowers. The spherical fruits are 10 mm across, green at first changing to black when ripe.

Camphor Laurel Control

How to kill Camphor Laurel

Treatment will depend on the size of the plant. For smaller plants less than 3 m in height, foliar spray using Grazon™ Extra Herbicide is recommended. For plants up to 6 m in height, basal bark or cut stump treatment using Access™ Herbicide is recommended and for those over 6 m, stem injection with Tordon™ RegrowthMaster Herbicide is recommended.

Herbicides for killing Camphor Laurel

Product# Method of application Rate* State
Grazon™ Extra Herbicide Foliar spray 350 or 500 mL/100 L of water All
Garlon™ 600 Herbicide Basal bark and Cut stump 1:60 with diesel distillate Qld, NSW
Access™ Herbicide Basal bark and Cut stump 1:60 with diesel distillate All
Tordon™ RegrowthMaster Stem injection 1:4 with water Qld, NSW
Garlon 600 Foliar spray 170mL/100 L of water All
Grazon Extra Gas gun application 500 mL/100 L of water Qld, NSW, ACT, NT
Vigilant™ II Herbicide Cut stump Apply neat: 3–5 mm layer All

#Note: Preferred product option in bold. *Consult label for details of growth stage and use, especially where range of rates is given.

Treatment Timing

Timing to kill Camphor Laurel

Plants should be actively growing and preferably flowering. Field experience has shown that good soil moisture is essential for effective control.

PRODUCT Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
Tordon RegrowthMaster
Grazon Extra
Best time to spray/treat
Can spray/treat
if conditions are suitable
Do not spray/treat